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Maxine, Sheshe, my health, having a car, happiness and other various emotions, candy, fruit, ice cream, pizza, all other favorite foods, having a safe and warm (in the winter, cool in the summer) house to live in, clothing, my room, my bed, books, all mediums of art, my comforter that has remained as fluffy as the day I got it 3 years ago, tea, reading, knitting, my Mom, Lila, no such thing as bad weather, record/cd/itunes library collection, traveling/having experienced traveling, good food, cooking, baking, the bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania, past present and future education, soft pillows, fluffy pillows, flat pillows, chocolate, my watch, having the ability to buy food if I need to, naps, naps with Sheshe, naps with Maxine, naps with Greg, good people, smiling, laughing, the ability to laugh, the ability to feel good, optimism, giving things, making things, making things to give to people, flowers, all animals, my jacket, my permit, my phone and my computer and all other electronics, my cameras, favorite TV shows, movies of all sorts, conversation, meeting new people, all life experiences, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, having a cat that wants to hang out with me all the time, having a dog that wants to hang out with me all the time, sleep, sleeping, dreams, dreaming, learning new things, aleve for achey joints, enlightenment, I'm tired so this is going to end here for now.

*Please let me clarify that my extent of celebrating Thanksgiving is simply making pumpkin pie and saying all the things I'm thankful for out loud. Thanksgiving's history has nothing to do with this and is a different subject entirely, I just think this is the only day of the year where people should recognize what they're thankful for. EVERY DAY SHOULD BE THANKSGIVING BUT WHATEVER.

poem for lost dogs

 ...after picking up a streetwalker we strolled along in
the 2 a.m. moonlight side by side
toward my cheap room but I had no desire to bed her down. 
the gentle joy came from simply walking along beside her in this
universe- we were companions, strange companions walking
saying nothing.
her purple and white scarf hung from her purse- floating in the
as we walked
and the music could have come from the light of the moon. 

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 Last year, I got pink eye on the morning of Record Store Day which foiled my plans of spending some of the holiday with Greg. Now, a year later, I felt the need to compensate.

And it was a success.

(I should mention that Bob Dylan, Bon Iver, Cursive, Get Up Kids, both Joe Strummer vinyls, Taking Back Sunday 7", Coconut Records 7", and Phoenix are Greg's. Fanfarlo, Joy Division, Beach House, Thom Yorke, and Bright Eyes are mine.)

Nature Boy

There was a boy
a very strange enchanted boy
they say he wandered very far, very far
over land and sea
a little shy
and sad of eye
but very wise
was he

and then one day
a magic day he passed my way
and while we spoke of many things, fools and kings
this he said to me
“the greatest thing
you’ll ever learn
is just to love
and be loved
in return
— eden ahbez